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TG5 report on Cinefutura Fest - 2019 edition

The short film festival co-produced by Accademia Artisti and sponsored by MIUR, MIBAC.

TG2 report on the course for cine-television actors specialized in web series - 2019 edition.

Accademia Artisti is the only acting school to have been recognized in Italy and abroad for a project approved and co-financed by the European Union.

"A weekend with one of the sacred monsters of cinema, Maestro Pupi Avati. It lets you know what you can really do, and you realize what a good person it would be to get by in the world of acting and out there. Thank you teacher.

Pieredoardo BreccolottoRome
Grace PaganReview from Facebook

"Despite an important family problem, I was temporarily absent; I miss the environment and return just after this period. I would like to thank the Academy because, thanks only to the first lessons with you, I opened a Theater Association and I also improved my diction, ... with difficulty as a 100% Venetian. I met young and old, extraordinary teachers, a close-knit group with whom we shared moments of training but also of fun, young people with skills that, if they persevere on this journey, we will see them soon. Obviously, despite my 42 years old, I don't expect the Academy to create my future, I'm working on it, investing time, energy and money and sooner or later I will reap satisfaction ... But these experiences must be lived proactively, in this way you always get good results. Happy !"

Trudu WalterReview from Google

"My daughter has been attending the Academy since December and she is very happy she followed the lessons with enthusiasm also because of teachers of a "certain caliber" I mention for example PUPI AVATI or LUCA WARD just to name a few. People who in addition to having a certain cinematic fame are also very prepared, also putting the students at ease. Of course the lessons are concentrated on weekends once a month but otherwise who could follow them? And in any case, they are full days from morning to evening, therefore "full". My daughter has improved both professionally and on a human level. I'm happy, it's money (which I hope, but I'm sure) well spent if it will allow her to have a certain future in the entertainment world, and not as others say that there are teachers who are worth little or not at all, they are (as already said) valuable teachers."

Chiara RiezzoReview from Facebook

"Accademia artists gave me the opportunity to experience firsthand the reality that I have always seen only on television, I had the opportunity to experience my skills and get involved. Great professionalism, the intervention of actors who have years of career behind them offers the opportunity to deal with those who really live in cinema and cinema! I wish all those who dream of making their passion their own work of being able to be realized at the artists' academy!"

Luca NarcisiReview from Google

"An excellent school, led by competent and extraordinary people both from a professional point of view and from the human side.Personally I am carrying out my path within the Academy and with great satisfaction I can say that I have greatly enriched my cultural background, thanks to precious teachings of well-known actors, journalists and directors, such as Luca Ward, Daniel Mc Vicar, Alberto Lori, Pupi Avati, Giancarlo Scarchilli and Alessandro Capone. The beautiful and productive thing about this Academy is that already within the training course, there is SET practice ... really the best thing .. What better opportunity than to practice all the teachings received in the field ??? THANKS ACADEMY ARTISTS !!!"

Matteo Woow De MuttììReview from Google

"This Academy is truly a wonderful experience to have in your life. Present the skill and professionalism of teachers of the highest level, in a cordial and familiar atmosphere, in which it is impossible not to feel at ease. "It makes you forget the non-productive monotony, now rampant nowadays, to remind you that if you are there it is because you have a dream to pursue.""

4 Grace RomanoniReview from Facebook

"I was skeptical, I won't hide it! ... Today, however, after the second session at the Academy of Artists in Milan with the screenwriter director Alessandro Capone, I have eliminated all doubts. Another student, as we were leaving the teaching room, told me: "Tell the truth, you would do it every weekend!" And my answer was: "Every weekend? ... But every day, all life!""

Pupil from CataniaReview

""I believe that Accademia Artisti gives the opportunity to learn from real artists, actors, who during each lesson transfer their work and study into your hands, with great humility and professionalism. I am thrilled to be a student of this Academy and I strongly hope to live my dream, despite my forty years. I believe that in life it is never too late to dream, the important thing is to put the right amount of courage, tenacity and humility into it. ""

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