Under the sign Alessia Agrosì, CRM & Marketing director of Accademia Artisti, was interviewed in the show Incidentalis Arte on Radio Rid 96.8. Central theme, the work he has been carrying out in recent years with Artists Academy: the main mission of the academy, as Alessia states, is to help all children discover their talent.

“When you are that young you are often a little confused. You are full of inspiration, attitude and desire to share your art but you never really know how to do it, how to take the path of the art world and turn it into a profession. This is precisely our mission, to help students discover themselves, to undertake a path of personal and artistic growth with them to the point of sharing their talent ".

Accademia Artisti is aimed primarily at young people who want to act, sing and enter the world of entertainment through cinema, television or music. The professional courses, Alessia says in the long interview, are interdisciplinary and range at 360 ° on the subject, not excluding everything that serves as a side dish but which is fundamental.

“A lot of kids enter the academy and think they want to be actors but then coming into contact with professionals they discover that instead they love dubbing or would like to be screenwriters. In their educational program they have the opportunity to come into contact with professionals who come from various professional fields and are also passionate about something else ".

Accademia Artisti did not stop even during the pandemic, having created its own e-learning platform already in 2018 when there was still no talk of distance learning. The purpose for which it was born is to use technologies to implement learning. Accademia Artisti proposes blended learning as a method, or complement the distance lessons with those in the presence. Illustrious personalities from the entertainment world are part of the teaching staff of the Accademia Artisti: from successful directors such as Cinzia Th Torrini to exponents of the singing world such as Pinuccio Pirazzoli e Grazia Di Michele, passing through dubbing with voice actors of the caliber of Pietro Ubaldi and actors, as far as acting, like Eleonora Giorgi. Among the reasons to attend the Academy of Artists, Alessia Agrosì in the interview is the first to put these 3:

“The first reason is the desire to get involved, the second the desire to believe in one's dreams and above all the most important: to make one's dreams a job”.

Training in this area is essential because digital and social media often tend to distort the perception of young people on the fact that everything is very simple and that it is enough to get in front of a mobile phone to become famous and be good. Instead training is important, also to remain steadfast in your place and not be a dot among many. And this is exactly what Accademia Artisti wants to do with all its students.

Giuseppe Calabrese and Jonathan Zacconi for the Academy of Artists