Martina Capelletti is a 34-year-old girl from Arezzo who has been living in Milan for a couple of years now. She moved to the big city to pursue a passion for acting and cinema and this is the reason why she enrolled in the Academy of Artists. Previously he had only given space to one of his other great passions: sport. In fact, Martina has a degree in sports motor science. In addition to having practiced various sports, she was also a teacher.

The move to Milan came in Martina's life to give a radical change to her life. Moving to Milan was the opportunity to devote himself to his other passion, that of cinema. The choice inevitably fell on the Accademia Artisti. After having sustained an excellent audition, she managed to enter the Academy.

“The first lessons were wonderful, with Professor Eleonora Giovanardi who immediately inserted us into the world of cinema as if we were already people who had a minimum of experience. She immediately put us to the test by making us study a dialogue and make an interpretation. The ice broke immediately. Confronting myself with an important actress like Giovanardi was extremely stimulating because we understood how much it is possible to reach a goal if you commit yourself and believe in it ".

Martina adds how it is It is important to always be present at all lessons because every time he comes out of one of these he realizes the richness he had through the experiences and knowledge of the teacher of the day. She is finally managing to do what she likes in life and giving herself this chance she's trying to try to live by doing what she likes. Martina reminds us that it is never too late, without listening to the opinions of others.

Listen to what comes from within, listen to your heart, do not be persuaded or deviated by the idea that society imposes on you. Listen to yourself to be happy and satisfied with who you really are. The path then leads to a satisfaction and a happiness that is incomparable to any other one can try.

Martina is very active on social media: you can find her on Instagram in her profile @martinaevakelly where it has more than 145 thousand Followers. Good luck to our student Martina Cappelletti for her career in the Academy of Artists and for her working life for all of us.

Giuseppe Calabrese and Jonathan Zacconi for the Academy of Artists