Giorgia Barbieri is a 20-year-old girl who comes from Tivoli and is a language student at La Sapienza in Rome. Her passion for theater and acting was born in high school thanks to an internship that opened her eyes. After a personal journey that led her to lose 60 kilos to get back to feeling good about herself, she decided to enroll in the Academy of Artists, thanks also to an event that happened a little by chance:

“A film with Cinzia Th Torrini was being made near where I live. I didn't go to school that morning and followed the crew all day to watch the film shoot. I was really fascinated to see how everything worked, from the train drivers, to the directors. I discovered at that moment the possibility of making extras. When I came home I was not tired at all but super excited about the day just passed. From here I understood that this was what I liked to do. I only have one certainty now: this is my world ”.

In one's own way it often happens to meet people who do not believe in this dream and do not think it is possible to succeed but Giorgia tells us how she is convinced that dreams should be followed. Her journey in the Academy of Artists began in April of last year. The lessons of Pupi Avati, Fabrizio Giannini and the diction courses are the ones that struck her most.

“With Giannini we did monologues and studied characters to understand how to enter the part that is given to us in the proper way. Being real by pretending is Fabrizio Giannini's motto. This sentence apparently says nothing but instead is full of truth. It is very important to know these things, otherwise it is impossible to go on. "

Finally, our Giorgia adds how important it is to pursue dreams and how essential it is to believe in oneself and in one's abilities. If we are not the first to believe in us, surely others will not believe us. Good luck Giorgia for your future from all of us!

Giuseppe Calabrese and Jonathan Zacconi for the Academy of Artists