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Course in Acting and Game of Emotions

The course is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to children and young people aged between 8 and 12, aimed at training young actors and actresses and developing their potential talent. Through a playful and educational path, the goal is to develop in young students the ability to act in a natural and effective way, allowing them to gain confidence in front of the camera.
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acting and dubbing school

Course in Acting and Game of Emotions

The Acting and Play of Emotions course is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to children and teenagers aged between 6 and 12, aimed at training young actors and actresses and developing their potential talent.

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Educational Program

The course in Acting and Play of Emotions is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to children and boys aged between i 8 and 12 years, aimed at training young actors and actresses and developing their potential talent.

Route formative

The path consists of 140 hours of total training, of which 100 hours of lessons and 40 of preparation and sets. In particular, 80 hours will take place in the classroom e 20 in e-learning mode. 40 final hours preparation for the set and are in attendance.

The innovative training method that is used, called Blended Learning, combines digital media with classroom lessons, favoring learning outcomes superior to those obtained by the exclusive use of the two methods. The e-learning lessons are carried out through Virtual Academy, the LMS platform owned by Accademia Artisti.

The course provides the essential elements for an artistic and personal growth of the young student. The purpose of this course is to provide the fundamental tools to become professional actors.

The children are called to know and experience the different aspects of the art of acting through the main acting techniques. They learn to analyze the character, to face an audition and to move with ease and naturalness on a film set.

The teachers - professionals active in the world of cinema and TV, such as acting coaches, actors, directors, voice actors and diction teachers - help young students to understand, analyze and express their emotions, gain awareness of their body and their voice. on stage and move naturally in front of the camera. 

Disciplines of the show

The subject of the lessons are the various disciplines of the show

    (stage movement; yoga and relaxation techniques; play in space; development of body awareness)
    (voice education; breathing techniques; basics of diction and reading interpreted aloud)
  • A FABLE CALLED CINEMA: meeting with the screenwriters
  • WORKSHOP - the rules of the set
  • SET 
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The main learning method is the Game. Not surprisingly, in English the verb to play it means both "to play" and "to act"; the same holds true for the verb play in French. Play is an essential human need, especially in the early stages of life where learning, socialization and the development of skills are mediated by play.

Classroom lessons are mainly practical and use the natural attitude of imitation and identification of children to help young actors to experiment their skills and acquire self-awareness of the body and emotions.

Practicing with the camera gives the children the opportunity to become familiar with the objectives and tools of the set. There are also shots of scenes with several characters taken from films and TV series; so students can interpret their favorite characters and, above all, see themselves on the television screen by improving their acting skills. 

virtual academy

Virtual Academy

E-learning mode

The Virtual Academy platform is an innovative tool that makes Accademia Artisti one of the most avant-garde actor and film training centers. All students have a personal profile at their disposal, from which to monitor and manage their course of study, within which they can view the teaching material, the calendar of lessons and the evaluations received from the teachers.

Online teaching enhances the training experience in the cinema field, as from the beginning the students approach the main tool of their study path: the video camera. Each lesson helps students to familiarize themselves with the lens and with their own image captured and reproduced on the screen.

Furthermore, the platform allows the student to look at the recordings of the video lessons to stay updated in case of absence and to contact the teachers to resolve doubts and perplexities. In fact, Virtual Academy allows a more efficient and immediate interaction between student and teacher, simplifies the sharing of study materials and facilitates the performance of certain types of exercises.

Classroom mode

Accademia Artisti uses a modern teaching method aimed above all at the practice of the Set, which at the same time is based on classic approaches to acting, such as Stanislavskij method and Strasberg method of the Actor's Studio. Great priority is given to the practical exercise because we are convinced that the formative work of young actors is learned above all during its action.

The course teachers are committed to creating a non-judgmental work environment right from the start, which puts each student at ease. The teaching technique is based on the fundamental principles of acting, such as listening and trust, and creates the basis for a creative learning of the techniques of modern interpretation. School is a place where one can, indeed, must make a mistake because every mistake is stored by the unconscious so as not to repeat it, until the naturalness of acting, the main objective of every actor, is reached.

Particular attention is also dedicated topsychological and emotional aspect, especially in the preparatory and initial phase of the course. Through individual and collective exercises, the student is called to analyze and face his own fears and shyness. Furthermore, the learning of diversified disciplines will help him to know and experience his own physical, vocal, and interpretative potential. All these discoveries lead him to one more and more developed knowledge of himself and to a greater confidence in relationships with others.

Each student therefore learns the importance of characterizing the character with elements of his own personality in order to introduce the "truth"In each affair. In addition to this, a lot of space is given to the students' creativity to develop their ability to observe daily reality with attention and curiosity, and then re-propose it on the scene.

Acting is not a lie or fiction, but it is the most direct way to get to the truth. The actor must have the courage to be himself - avoiding imitating another artist - in such a way as to be unique and recognizable.

In the final module, the Practice on the Set through the study of a screenplay specially created by the screenwriters during the training course of the class. Students work on set with professional directors and a real crew. Also in this phase of the path they are accompanied by a acting coach which helps them analyze, develop and interpret the character. During the shoot, make-up, hair styling and costume tests also take place: one of the most formative and fun experiences of the entire journey.

Training objectives

The course in Acting and Play of Emotions leads the young student to discover his artistic and emotional potential.

Through a playful and educational path, the goal is to develop the ability of young students acting naturally and effectively, allowing them to acquire safety in front of the camera. Students come into contact with their emotions and learn to use and manage them, putting them at the service of the various characters they will meet along their path. They learn the use of the word on stage and the importance of relating and listening to the other.

Acting is action, but even more it is Re-action.

Professional course

Attendance and Admission

Tests and selections:
Video call o Locations Rome, Milan

20 students

Active locations: Rome and Milan


The courses of the Academy of Artists are limited in number which can be accessed after selection. 

In order to be admitted, the student must meet certain requirements, assessed by an admissions manager through an interview and a practical test. 

Each course has a specific didactic calendar available in the dedicated section. 

The calendars are designed to allow students and workers to attend lessons by reconciling school and work commitments, while living far from the course locations.

Accademia Artisti is a private institution. Admission requires the recognition of a fee, which also includes the teaching material and the creation and management of an account on the Academy's e-learning platform. 

Furthermore, the student's artistic material will be published on Audizioni Artisti, a platform available to film and record productions looking for new artists. 

The amount and methods of recognition of the fee are communicated during the interview if the candidate is suitable for admission.

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