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Francesco Venditti, son of the singer-songwriter Antonello and the voice actress and actress Simona Izzo, chooses to follow his mother's path, dedicating himself to both acting and dubbing at a very young age.

On television he starred in numerous fictions, some of which directed by his aunt Rossella: in 1997 in Caro maestro 2, in 1998 and 1999 in the two editions of Una donna peramico and in 2002 in Lo uncioamerica.

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Educational Program

Educational Program

The course will deal with the personal emotional analysis through the use of music designed to awaken the emotional sphere of the student. Then we will move on to the technical / emotional analysis of a character to be dubbed, based on the visual / auditory aspect of what appears by analyzing and digging in depth until we arrive at what the character is. In summary, the student will try his hand at dubbing the character chosen by the teacher after having "warmed up" the emotional conscience.

During the Dubbing lessons the following points will be dealt with:

  • USE OF MUSIC AS AN INTROSPECTIVE JOURNEY: A good interpretation is made by the wise use of the emotional part. Through an "emotional journey" with closed eyes and with the use of specific music, we will try to awaken memories, emotions ready to be used to revive the most intimate part of our "I".
  • HISTORY: Creation of a short fictional story lasting up to two minutes to bring alive the ability to create and improvise a character.
  • DOUBLE CHARACTER: Once you have created a perfect and, at the same time, simple synergy with the emotional part, you will move on to the technical part. Explanation of the material present in the dubbing room, from the professional figures to the technical equipment of the room. Vision of a scene (male and female) and start of the technical / emotional analysis.


The student will be led to answer questions relating to the WHO WE, WHERE WHEN e WHY the character does and says certain things in a certain context. Proxemics, texture, timbre and last, but not least, the emotional state that the character is experiencing in that particular context will be explained and obviously analyzed.

Dubbing - being an integral part of Cinema - is based on truth and not on fiction, therefore the student will be avoided from using a "fake" or "set" voice, but rather a true and credible voice which, to "stick to the eyes of the our character ”thrives on truth.

After dealing with the experience on dubbing, the variations of timbre, rhythm, the analysis of the text and the scene and the mood (situation) of the character to be brought to life, the goal will be to make the student-actor understand how one has to relate to the microphone, the text and the importance of bringing its truth to the lectern. The strength of the actor / voice actor is to read the eyes of his character but, at the same time, thanks to the use of an excellent technique, to be able to grasp all the emotional nuances that our actor on the screen leads us to replicate.

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