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The Professional Course in Acting and Performing Arts is an interdisciplinary program aimed at learning the fundamental notions of acting and the world of entertainment, analyzing the different technical and artistic areas.
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acting and dubbing school

Professional Course in Acting and Performing Arts

The Professional Course in Acting and Performing Arts is an interdisciplinary program aimed at learning the fundamental notions of acting and the world of entertainment, analyzing the different technical and artistic areas.

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Educational Program


The course consists of 180 hours of training, of which 60 in modality e-learning through Virtual Academy - the LMS platform of Accademia Artisti - and 120 in the classroom. The course is mainly aimed at learning the fundamentals of cine-television acting and is characterized by the realization of a sitcoms with the students as protagonists.

The innovative method that is used - called blended learning - it combines digital media with classroom lessons, favoring learning outcomes that are superior to those obtained by the exclusive use of the two methods.

The subject of the lessons are the various disciplines of the show:

  • Acting techniques
  • Regia
  • Production
  • Cinema history
  • Film language
  • Film script
  • Improvisation
  • Memory
  • Voice setting
  • Diction
  • Dubbing
  • Psychology of the actor
  • Preparation for auditions
  • Communication theories and techniques
  • NLP
  • Public Speaking
  • Practice of sets

The purpose of the professional course is to train a new generation of actors and actresses able to move with ease on the set and skillfully manipulate the new and constantly evolving means of communication.


virtual academy

Virtual Academy

E-learning mode

The Virtual Academy platform is an innovative tool that makes Accademia Artisti one of the most avant-garde actor and film training centers. Each of our students has a personal profile at their disposal, from which they can monitor and manage their course of study: there is in fact the calendar of seminars, the teaching material provided by the teachers and a section dedicated to personal performance.

Online teaching enhances the training experience, as from the very beginning the students can approach the key tool of their training: video camera. During each lesson the teachers provide suggestions for dealing with it in a professional way and each student can familiarize himself with his own image shot and reproduced on the screen.

It is also possible to review the lessons in which it was not possible to participate and possibly contact the teachers to resolve doubts and perplexities. In fact, during the course, Virtual Academy allows greater interaction between student and teacher, simplifying the sharing of study materials and the carrying out of exercises.

Classroom mode

Accademia Artisti uses a modern method aimed above all at the practice of the Set, which at the same time is based on classical approaches to acting, such as the Stanislavskij method and the Strasberg method of the Actor's Studio. Practical exercise is given great priority as we are convinced that the actor's work is learned above all during his action.

The lecturers of the course, well-known professionals from the various fields of entertainment, subject the students to numerous theoretical and above all practical tests to know, identify and overcome the obstacles that oppose the learning of the techniques of modern interpretation. School is a place where one can, indeed, must make a mistake because every mistake is stored by the unconscious so as not to repeat it, until the naturalness of acting, the main objective of every actor, is reached.

Particular attention is also dedicated to the psychological aspect. During the course all the teachers stimulate the introspection capacity of each student, since a deep knowledge of oneself is essential to "take on the role" of the character to be interpreted.

Each student learns the importance of characterizing the character with elements taken from their own personality in order to introduce the "truth" to each story. In addition to this, a lot of space is given to the students' creativity, to encourage the development of the ability to observe daily reality with attention and curiosity, and then re-propose it on the scene.

Acting is not a lie or fiction, but it is the most direct way to get there truth. The actor must have the courage to be himself - avoiding imitating another artist - in order to be unique and recognizable.

Training objectives

The aim of the course is to train actors capable of experiencing emotion in their work to transmit it to the public and deliver to the Italian entertainment world new professionals aware of the multiplicity and complexity of human nature and capable of staging the duality and contradictions of life. which are the basis of the events of modern man.


UNIVERSITY CREDITS: partnership between the Academy of Artists and the University of Guglielmo Marconi

Academy of Artists and University of Guglielmo Marconi, together to enhance higher education.

We are proud to announce that for all students who have obtained their diploma no more than three years ago, there is facilitated admission to the Degree Course in Communication Sciences at the prestigious Guglielmo Marconi University. The aforementioned partnership will allow the students of the Accademia Artisti to transform the Professional Diploma obtained into University Educational Credits, through the exemption from three exams, considering them already successfully taken, for the achievement of the Degree in Communication Sciences.

Professional course

Attendance and Admission

Tests and selections:
Rome and Milan

25 students

Active locations: Rome, Milan, Bari, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Naples, Turin and Verona

intensive weekend

The courses of the Academy of Artists are limited and can be accessed after selection. The student must meet certain admission requirements, specific for each path, which are assessed during the interview by the selection manager. Determining factors for admission are proven practical or didactic experience in the chosen discipline, strong motivation and discipline.

Selections are made via video call, or in the Rome and Milan offices.

Each course has a specific didactic calendar available on the dedicated page of each program. The calendars are designed to allow students and workers to attend lessons by reconciling school and work commitments, while living far from the course locations.

Accademia Artisti is a private institution. Admission to the master includes the recognition of a fee, which also includes the teaching material and the creation and management of an account on the e-learning platform of the academy. Furthermore, the student's artistic material will be published on Audizioni Artisti, a platform available to film and television productions looking for new artists for casting and projects. The amount and methods of recognition of the fee are communicated during the interview if the candidate is suitable for admission.

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