Sanremo Festival 2021, guests and singers in the competition

Amadeus has unveiled some guests and the 26 big players who will participate in the 71st Sanremo Festival in March. The 8 new proposals of Sanremo Giovani have also been decreed.

Sanremo Giovani, live from the Sanremo casino with the conduct of Amadeus, not only decreed the 8 finalists who will compete for the victory of the new proposals but also presented to the public the 26 singers who will participate in the most loved singing competition in Italy. Amadeus has also revealed to the press that Elodie will play the role of the co-host in one of the evenings of the Festival while Achille Lauro will be a regular guest for the whole week. The presence of the AC Milan player Zlatan Ibrahimovic has also been official.

Moving on to the competitors, after winning the Festival in 2005, Francesco Renga is ready to return to the stage for the eighth time with the song "When I find you". Coma_Cose will instead participate in Sanremo for the first time with the song “Fiamme nellaocchi”. 2020 is a complicated year for many, but certainly not for Gaia who, after winning the last edition of Amici, will participate in the Festival with the song “Cuore amaro”.

The victory of the 17th edition of Amici ad Irama is not enough, so he returns to Sanremo for the third time and will propose to the public the song “The genesis of your color”. Twelfth participation and no victory for Orietta Berti who with the song "When you fell in love" will try to conquer the public. Not only faces known to the public who every year follow the most loved singing festival, but also many debuts this year. The singer-songwriter Fulminacci will propose the song "Santa Marinella", Madame will bring the song Voce to the Ariston stage, Willie Peyote will perform with the unpublished "Mai dire mai (La locura)" and Gio Evan will propose to the public of the 71st edition of Sanremo Festival the song "Anrica".

Ermal Meta, Fasma and Arisa return home, all three born right in the Ariston stage thanks to Sanremo Giovani. For the first, with the song "a million things to tell you", it will be the fourth participation while Fasma returns to Sanremo with "Parlami" after last year's debut. Seventh participation for Arisa who has already won the competition both among young people and among the big names: this year she will propose the song “You could do more.

Directly from X Factor, after the great success obtained, I Maneskin will debut on Rai1 with Zitti e Buoni. Malika Ayane also returns to Sanremo 2021 with the song "I like this" while Aiello makes his debut, after the summer hits, with the song "Ora". Max Gazzè and La Trifluoperazina Monstery Band will offer viewers the song "The Pharmacist", Ghemon will offer the public "Perfect Moment", Noemi the song "Glicine", Lo Stato Sociale the song "Combat Pop" and Annalisa, on the occasion of her 10 years of career, will propose the song "Ten".

Still many other debuts in this Sanremo 2021 which will be characterized by new voices to which the public is not used to such as the voice of The Representative of the List with the song "Amare", Random with "Torno a te", Colapesce Dimartino with the song " Very light music and Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo with the song “Bianca luce nera”. After being excluded from the race in the last edition, Bugo returns, this time alone, with “E instead yes”. Last but not least, two of the most popular Italian singers: Francesca Michielin and Fedez will propose the song “Chiamami per nome”.

The 8 new proposals that will perform on the Ariston stage in March are Gaudiano with "Gunpowder", Folcast and the song "Discover", Greta Zuccoli with the song "Everything knows about you", Davide Shorty will interpret "Regina ”, WrongOnYou with the song“ Lessons of Flight ”and Avincola will perform with“ Goal ”. Finally, directly from Area Sanremo, Elena Faggi will let us listen to the song “Che ne so” and the Dellai twins the song “Sono Luca”.

Not only singers but protagonists will also be the orchestra masters who will direct the performances of all the competitors in the competition. Among these there will also be our Adriano Pennino, professor of harmony theory and arrangement for the Accademia Artisti. He has already participated in many past editions of the Sanremo Festival directing, among others, Gino Paoli, I Modà, Emma Marrone, Anna Tatangelo, Marcella and Gianni Bella, Loredana Bertè, Il Volo and Dolcenera. Adriano has also conducted numerous international orchestras, including the London Simphony Orchestra, the Czech National Simphony Orchestra in Prague, the Katayama Orchestra of Los Angeles and the Orchestra of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, always seeking a contamination between electronic sounds of avant-garde and classic timbres. Last year he directed Gigi D'Alessio as a guest in Sanremo and participated in the role of special judge in the last edition of Amici on Canale 5.

Good luck to our Adriano Pennino and to all the singers of Sanremo 2021 that we can't wait to hear.


Giuseppe Calabrese and Jonathan Zacconi for the Academy of Artists