Artists Academy


Accademia Artisti has a teaching staff of proven excellence and experience. Each professional, in addition to his own experience acquired in the field, makes use of the best teaching methods and the main theoretical foundations supplemented by practical exercises. The teachers help students to recognize and develop their skills, guiding them step by step through an interdisciplinary path aimed at making them competent professionals capable of giving expression to their potential.

Acting teachers

Ennio Coltorti

Recitative Technique, Recitative Technique with MDP

Fabrizio Giannini

The Actor's Gym

Pupi Avati

Pupi Avati

Acting technique with camera

Luca angeletti

The Actor's Path

eleonora giovanardi

Eleanor Giovanardi


Charles Principini

Presentation to the Course, History of Cinema, Film Language, Production

Cinzia Th Torrini

Acting with Camera
Guest workshop in acting and camera


Christian Marazziti

Recitative Technique with MDP, Final Auditions / Actor Preparation

Max Pisu

The Comedy

Nino Formicola

The brilliant actor and the comedian

Peter Ubaldi


Francesca Capanna

Public Speaking

Giancarlo Scarchilli

SET Preparation, SET Practice

Elizabeth Coraini

Elisabetta Coraini


Maurizio Grossi


samuel romano

Samuel Romano

Acting, SET Practice

Mariagrazia Moro

NLP Mental Strategies

Caroline Sylwan

Preparation for auditions

Claudia Colli



Francesco Venditti


Gianluca Brezza

Preparation for the Set, Staging

Luke Solin

Acting, SET Practice

Francesco Marchina


Enzo Curcurù


Jenny De Cesarei

Diction, Dubbing

Lisa Mazzotti

Acting, History of Cinema, Dubbing

Sara De Santis


Martha Gervasutti

Final auditions

Stephen Dragon


Antonio Morandi

NLP Mental Strategies

Dubbing teachers

Ennio Coltorti


Federica Valenti

Dubbing - Cartoons and Character Voices

Claudia Razzi


Michelle Uberti


Fiorella Magrin

Diction for Dubbing

Nicoletta Negri


Singing teachers

Grace DiMichael

Artistic interpretation

Fabrizio Palma

Preparation for auditions

Annalisa Minetti

Artist Coaching

Lalla France

Voice coaching

Xavier Principini

international production

Maria Grazia Fontana

Singing on stage

Pierdavide Carone

Song By Author

Joseph Pirazzoli

It takes ear

Antonella Pepe

Backing vocals

Vincent Incentius

Creative writing

Donatella Pandimiglio

Voice coaching

Alberto Tenzi

Backing vocals and Rhythm Workshop

Gianfranco Marsili

History of Italian music

Pierluigi Germini

Music promotion, contracts and royalties

Andrea Camilletti

Music theory

Yuri Ricotti

Audio recording techniques

Monica Angeli

Vocal technique

Francesca Capanna

Public Speaking

Guillermo Mariotto

Body expression and awareness techniques

Ennio Coltorti

Interpretation of the text

Antonio Morandi

NLP and Public Speaking

Beppe Tired

Artistic Promotion, Production and Contracts

Mauro Munzi

Vocal technique and Vocal coaching

Cesare Rascel

History of the Italian and international musical