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Milanese by birth, Roman by adoption, Annalisa Minetti is a songwriter, Writer, motivator, TV presenter and author, Paralympic athlete, model and actress. Annalisa has studied ballet since she was a child, which she will practice for 12 years, but her true love is for music and so she performs in piano bars, she founds a duo and then a band. At the age of 18 Annalisa, due to a pathology that has affected her since she was a child, permanently loses her sight ...

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Educational Program


In the didactic path, motivation is treated as a subject of education.

Motivation is the lever of every behavior, therefore it is the word itself that positively brings together all the teachings that can be given, such as self-esteem, respect for others, sharing of ideals, overcoming demotivations or difficulties, achieving a group education, respect for others and what surrounds us, sharing common goals and solidarity of life.


During the training course, the teacher will follow the Rebornow method, an introspective journey for the expression of the Ego, or the ability to know oneself before knowing. The ultimate aim will be to achieve awareness in recognizing one's fears and limitations as effective tools to favor the maximum expression of the "self".

This method will be an opportunity for everyone, a real training ground for life.


Focus of the course will be Motivation, as a life subject that teaches, educates and brings: 

  • to the esteem of oneself and of others
  • respect for others and their ideas
  • to the knowledge and education of life 
  • to the recognition of the role that everyone has in society 
  • to the responsibility of duties and rights
  • to the sharing and overcoming of a problem that is not only of the individual but of the community 
  • to a common creed to share with each other
  • to equality in its diversity
  • overcoming personal and social limits
  • to the acceptance of the ego "I can be better for myself and for others"

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