"First rule of the gym: to act you have to be real ... pretend!" (Fabrizio Giannini)

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Fabrizio Giannini he is 43 years old, grew up in Rome, and is a television and theater actor. 

He makes himself known to the general public by interpreting Augusto in Un Family doctor

Fabrizio Giannini's acting career was born almost by chance, as he tells a famous TV weekly:

«As a boy I was a rebellious spirit and I wanted my independence at all costs. So one day, I got a job as an animator in the tourist villages. That way I realized that being on stage was what I wanted to do and I enrolled in an acting school. At the same time, I made my debut in the theatrical circuits and I began to work on the tables of the stage ». 

At the age of twenty he began to perform in the theater, staging his first shows such as entertainer and in a few years he acquired a great experience on the stage. 

Al movies participates in many comedies including: "No one can judge me", "W Italy" where he collaborates with Massimiliano Bruno and "Razzabastarda" first film by Alessandro Gassman, "Whole other life" by Alessandro Pondi and Burrago Fatale by G .Leg.

For the program "Past and Present" by Paolo Mieli on Rai 3 he declaimed "The Edict of Constantine" by D. Alighieri. He organizes and directs for years "I really know Roman… ”In which the great Roman artists from L.Ward, M.wertmuller, M.Battista participate - just to mention a few.

Since 2017 he has been an acting teacher and in his lessons he tries to convey the experience gained in a 25-year career. In June 2018 the "Sympathy Award" was awarded in the CapitolOscar Capitoline which for almost 50 years has been awarded to artists who have distinguished themselves in their careers.

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Educational Program

Educational Program

The actor's gym is a place to get to acting through physical and psychological exercise.
A place to get to know and train all the useful tools for the actor's work, a gym where you can sweat to get to the goal of acting. It is an “actor for actors” lesson.

After a 25-year career from the stage to the sets, Maestro Fabrizio Giannini has developed a personal method of studying acting with actors, students and people at the center.

"There is no method but as many methods as there are actors."

It starts from the character to arrive at one's own originality, the staging is always preceded and followed by training and improvisation exercises linked and studied on each individual student because it is important that everyone seeks their own "Truth".

Specifically, the topics covered will be:

  • The character;
  • Two scenes from drama to comedy;
  • Monologue and comic scene

The aim of the lessons is to undertake a path with the students that starts from the precise and methodical study of a character or a script and then, through training and improvisations, arrive at acting.
Each lesson is divided with a first part of study at the table where to lay the foundations of the work and then, through training and improvisation, address the themes at the center of the study:

  • Study and inner journey of the character
  • Bringing emotions from the heart to the face
  • Improvisation of scenes with the character
  • Actorial heating
  • Couple improvisations
  • Actorial harmony
  • Improvisations on the cinema scene

At the end of these first phases the students will be ready for the staging of the work and the master-director will help each of them in the scene with music, lights or improvisation exercises on the theme.
The purpose of the work is mainly oriented to the understanding of oneself and to cohesion with the other actors: listening, scenic balance, knowledge and the creation of comic and dramatic dynamics.
The aim will be the emotional and stylistic staging of one's character, overcoming one's limits through improvisations to arrive at an always realistic and natural acting.
Working first on a dramatic scene and then on a comic or brilliant one will make us understand that the approach is the same. Our preparation will be the same for both scenes.
At the end of the work the students will have studied: practical methods to analyze scenes and characters, exercises to warm up the body, soul and voice and a small guide "The 10 rules for the actor" that will accompany them in the staging of the own character.


In-depth sessions dedicated to the study and implementation of techniques, methods and exercises that require an intermediate and advanced level of preparation.

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