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Yuri Gianluca Ricotti, guitarist, arranger, was born in Rome on November 16, 1971. 

In 1992 he started playing in DESECRATION, a death metal band. After a year of working together, they recorded "The Valley of Eternal Suffering". In 1993 she left her university studies to devote all her time to perfecting guitar studies (classic and electric). He also studied recording and, with a four-track recorder, made his first guitar demo. In 1994 Jurij expanded his studies at the “S. Louis Jazz Academy ”in Rome, where he learns jazz music, orchestral composition and arrangement, modern guitar approach and MIDI (with Luca Spagnoletti, Xavier Girotto, Dario La Penna, Riccardo Biseo). In the mid-nineties he begins a collaboration with the Italian producer Claudio Zitti, which involves him in various projects to date. He then rejoined the band Desecration in 2000 for a special live event.

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Educational Program





Knowing how to record audio materials, in the context we live in today, has become of utmost importance for any new singer or musician who approaches work on the web. Whether it is remote recording, whether it is self-production. Like any other discipline, it will be necessary to learn basic concepts relating to acoustic physics, the recording and listening technology used. During the course you will learn how to choose a microphone, how to use it and where, which software to use, which sound cards to choose, with which speakers to listen to and above all how to mix and publish your own content.



The course will use the JGRStudios method, designed and successfully tested by the teacher in the academic years and in the various seminars.

Specifically, the JGRStudios method provides for the immediate practical application of theoretical concepts, in order to fix and experiment them independently, and then deepen them by continuing along the path lesson after lesson. This method involves the use of basic equipment and a completely free recording platform, so that each student can easily have the necessary equipment at their disposal, without having to face huge expenses, especially in the Learning phase.

The course will therefore deal with:

  • Basic configuration of your home recording
  • Knowledge of the different types of shooting, the microphones
  • Setup for the first recording and notions of acoustic physics
  • Editing and Mixing of voice and instruments, basics of Mix
  • Analog and digital, characteristics and peculiarities
  • Mix and Mastering of a project for exporting the contents.



The aim of the course is to teach modern recording theory and techniques, but above all to prepare the student to create their own product and content that can be sent to other producers or sound engineers; that can be published on digital distribution platforms in order to better expose one's work to a sector or mainstream audience.

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