"Everyone who lives acts every day, but not everyone who acts every day really lives."

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Luke Solin was born in Bollate (Milan) in 1987. He graduated in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production in 2011 in Bologna and immediately began his career as a screenwriter. 

He wins two festivals as "Best Screenplay" for two short films in the same year 2011. His first screenplay for feature film, The Man on the Chair, has it classified in 2012 among the best 150 screenwriters in the world ai Creative World Awards in Los Angeles

He writes, produces and directs his first series, "Puzzle", in 2012, which aired on La3 TV in 2013.

He writes, produces and directs the short film Double zero in 2014, with which he participates out of competition at Cannes Festival 2015

In 2017 he is the author, producer and director of Survival, web series that gets the award like Best Italian Series at Tuscany Web Fest 2017, Best Thriller Series at the Asia Web Awards in Seoul (South Korea) and others 8 nomination in 5 other international festivals, before being purchased for exclusive distribution in South America and the Far East. 

In 2018 he is the author, producer and director of 6 Better than Me, comedy starring Stefano Dragone, with which he participates in the selections of Sundance Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival.

Since 2019 he has also been a lecturer in screenwriting, directing and acting in front of the camera at CineTribe and Accademia Artisti Milano.

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Educational Program

Educational Program

The Acting In Front of the Camera course aims to provide aspiring actors with all the requirements that are required of them on professional sets and that are different from the interpretative ability on an emotional-inner level. We therefore refer to:

  • knowledge of the professional figures that revolve around the set
  • hierarchy of these figures and relationships between them for a correct relationship on the set
  • knowing how to stay in front of the camera while respecting its technical limits (movement, focus, field and off-screen, gestures repeated in the same way, use of the voice, perfection of memory)
  • tricks of the trade to correct mistakes and know how to manage difficult situations.

The goal is to prepare aspiring actors to be professionals on a set, as well as good performers. All this through the eyes of a director (the teacher), who will therefore focus not only on acting skills (which will be a plus for the purposes of evaluation), but above all on the actor as a person and professional figure to work with.

The course will include theoretical and practical lessons.
Students will be provided with a scene to play in pairs, taken from a film or a TV series, to be learned perfectly by heart.
Students will perform in front of the camera, with fixed camera shots, in motion and in sequence shot. They will be able to review their performance on a television screen and correct their mistakes with a view to constant improvement.
The evaluation will be strict according to the standards that the cinema-television market today requires, not to discourage or humiliate the student, but to encourage him to correct himself and always do the best, in order to actually succeed one day in having a successful career without having been influenced by false hopes or courtesy judgments that do not reflect the reality of the market.

Among the main objectives of the course we find:

  • Perfect command of memory
  • Please note:
  • Ability to respond to indications
  • Body management
  • Expressiveness
  • Respect for the limits of the frame
  • Improvement between lessons
  • Flexibility and adaptability to various circumstances


In-depth sessions dedicated to the study and implementation of techniques, methods and exercises that require an intermediate and advanced level of preparation.

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