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Xavier Principini, also known as Sage, is a certified multi-platinum music producer and songwriter originally from Rome. As a songwriter he has 5 hits that reached the top of the charts in Italy with mega star Vasco Rossi. He has been present on the Los Angeles music scene for over twenty years.

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Educational Program



The central theme of the course will be International Productions in the music sector: how they are born, why and how they develop, considering the relationship between bureaucracy and creativity, elements that, although often not in agreement, must necessarily coexist. All this underlining the importance of the mix between various cultures and the alchemy present behind the great international collaborations.



During the lessons, with a highly practical approach, the following topics will be addressed:

  • What does international production mean
  • How to start and conduct an artistic exchange outside one's own territory
  • Contamination in music
  • Import or Export
  • Remote collaboration
  • Collaboration with a foreign producer
  • Collaboration with a foreign artist
  • Musician unions and laws that can limit collaborations
  • Analysis of songs by various students
  • Questions and answers



The purpose of the course is to understand the process in order to face an international musical collaboration. Inspire the artist to see beyond their borders and to grow by placing their product at an international level. Give students an incentive to expand their cultural background.

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