"The challenge of an artist is to seek and cultivate his own inner voice"

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Andrea Camilletti is a composer, arranger and producer. Born in Rome in 1962, he privately studied classical piano, composition and orchestration with teachers of Santa Cecilia. He has been working professionally as a composer and producer since 1984. He founded several jazz fusion groups at the end of the 80s and performed in various clubs and concerts in Italy and at Radio Rai 3.

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Educational Program


The course aims to provide the student with basic and general notions about modern music production techniques with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), allowing him to produce auditions in complete autonomy. 


During the lessons, the following points will be covered:

  • Overview of music production programs;
  • Explanation of the functions of the instruments and the technology used in the recording studio;
  • Analysis of the types of computers suitable for music production;
  • Setting up a music software (sound card, frequencies, latency, audio input and output, etc.);
  • Creation and finalization of a project (production workflow);
  • Voice recording (types of microphones, distance of the singer from the microphone, listening with headphones, producing a voice, by song sections, etc.);
  • Use of virtual instruments, templates and presets (general considerations by type of instrument); 
  • Voice editing (comping, volume, pitch, de-essing, double voice, vocal background, eq, compression, reverb, delay, etc.);  
  • Basics for Mixing (elements of acoustic physics, critical listening of reference tracks, basic practical explanation, step by step, of the mix of a piece).

In summary, the main technical terms and main equipment of a recording studio will be examined. Particular importance will be dedicated to the knowledge of the various types of microphone and their correct use, both in the studio and live. These notions will help communicate with musicians, producers and sound engineers.


At the end of the didactic path, iThe singer / musician, in addition to having his works heard, will have the opportunity to analyze his performances thanks to the technical skills acquired.

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