"The actor creates with his own flesh and blood all those things which all the arts try in some way to describe."

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Caroline Raquel Sylwan was born in Milan, where in 2008 he graduated as a director at the Paolo Grassi Civic School of Dramatic Art. 

After some experiences in the theater as assistant director, he arrives in the world of Casting in 2011, as assistant to Jorgelina Depetris, for the film by Silvio Soldini "The commander and the stork", with which he also follows the search for small roles for the Olivier Assayas' film “Après Mai”. 

Since 2012 he has worked on numerous advertising casting together with Cristina Proserpio for commercials of various products such as Galbusera, VolksWagen, Illumia, Ikea, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Ferrero, Sky, Veneta Cucine, Vodafone, Aboca, Bauli, Aperol, Zurich, Subito.it, Credem, Tic tac, McDonald's, Ania, Telefono Azzurro, Lidl, Bronchenolo, Montenegro. As the casting director she creates commercials for Yamaha R1, Calligaris, Deejay Tv.

In 2014 he directed the theatrical show "Criminal”By Javier Daulte, also taking care of the translation.

Since 2014 he has been working on the casting of various productions, both on television, such as the first season of "Alex and Co"Disney and cinematographic series, as assistant to Cristina Proserpio for the films" Un Fidanzato per mia Wife ", by Davide Marengo," My Little Family "by Dina Perlstein," What do you want it to be "by Edoardo Leo," It happens ", by Francesca Mazzoleni, “L'ombra of the Son ”by Fabio Pellegrinelli,“ I wonder when you will miss me ”by Francesco Fei.

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Educational Program

Educational Program

Introduction to how the world of casting works.
What are the mistakes not to make? How to best approach an audition?
In-depth study of CV and photographic material useful for presenting oneself to auditions.

The video audition: Presentations, self tape and interpretation
The business card of an actor, together with the show-reel, is the presentation, which is requested in 99% of the video auditions. We will work to understand how best to deal with this part of the audition.

More and more often Casting Directors are asked to send self-tapes to participate in auditions, but most actors, even with many years of experience, are unable to make them. A part of the course will be dedicated to explaining how to make them, obtaining at the end of the lesson an example of personal self-tape on your phone, which can be used for auditions.

Before getting to work with the camera, it is necessary that the students develop the perception of their own body, in space and in relation to others. They must also hone their trust in the director or casting director who will give them the indications to best interpret the character, and understand how to follow them and put them into practice.

  1. The actor in space - he will work trying to sharpen his perception of the surrounding space and to develop concentration and observation.
  2. Perception of oneself and of the other - we will work to learn how to work in pairs and in groups. develop the ability to lead and be guided.
    Interlocutor - exercises with texts by heart, recitation focused on the interlocutor
  3. Short monologue - students will memorize a film monologue and work on it in class, guided by the teacher, in order to find a naturalness in acting that is convincing in front of the camera. In the last lesson the monologues will be filmed, as if they were the material to be prepared for an audition, and subsequently reviewed and analyzed together with the teacher and fellow students.

Final auditions

In the final Casting lesson, at the end of one's training course, a simulation of an audition will be performed on a dialogue taken from a film.

The aim of the course is to provide students with all the tools necessary to face an audition, making sure that everyone can find their own naturalness in front of the camera.

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