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Christian Marazziti he is an actor, director, screenwriter and producer. He trained by attending various stages and acting workshops. 

He began his career as an actor with the film “Italiani” by Maurice Ponzi which is presented as a world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in 1996. He then acted in several feature films and television productions for the Italian market. It was directed by masters of Italian cinema such as Pupi Avati e Alessandro D'Alatri. As a screenwriter, director and producer he has made three short films. He was nominated for the Golden Globe as an actor and producer for the short film "Pollicino" (2012). With the film "E-bola" he made his debut in feature film directing.  

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Educational Program

Educational Program

During the course the main national and international films will be analyzed, then going to deepen the birth and development of the short film and the feature film, up to the point of working on the actor and on the character.

Starting from the teacher's artistic path, the lesson will be characterized by a highly practical approach. We will try to understand how to concretely deal with the profession of the actor / screenwriter / director and producer, how to correctly analyze a film by identifying the mother scene, how to develop a short / feature film and how to build a character. Especially in this part, improvisations and interpretations of scenes from some films will be carried out.

The objectives of the course can be summarized as follows:

  • Knowing how to deal with the profession of actor / screenwriter / director and producer
  • Knowing how to find the right agent
  • Present the curriculum in a functional way
  • Knowing how to deal with auditions
  • Knowing how to approach insiders initially
  • Take care of your image
  • Be aware of your limits
  • Knowing how to deal with the "ups" and "lows" of the job
  • Knowing how to identify the genre of the film and its theme
  • Ability to write and tell the film in summary    
  • Knowing how to identify the main scene of the film
  • Find the key message of the film
  • Knowing how to develop a short film or a feature film
  • Addressing the choice of actors, crew, MDP and post production
  • Know how a short or feature film is distributed
  • Knowing how to build a character
  • Knowing how to improvise scenes
  • Knowing how to analyze the text
  • Knowing how to interpret scenes from the film viewed - Search for the truth and credibility of the character
  • Knowing how to stand in front of the camera


In-depth sessions dedicated to the study and implementation of techniques, methods and exercises that require an intermediate and advanced level of preparation.

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