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Donatella Pandimiglio è singer, attrice, vocalist of important scores for the movies. He made his debut in the 70s a theater immediately with leading roles. AND' voice coach for theatrical and cinematographic musical works.

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Educational Program


The Voice is the most ancient instrument, impulse of emotional expression and communication in man. During the training course, at first, it will be necessary to approach the study of the technique. Only after having understood the great difference in yield and potential that technical knowledge allows to reach, will it be possible to grasp its importance and value. The study of the technique makes you pass from instinct to awareness, knowledge and control, which will be the tools that will best allow you to free your most intimate emotional nature. 


During the lessons, the teacher will put into practice the "Open Voice - Mirror of the soul" method, which tends to form the Open, Stable, Safe, Clear and Round voice technically inspired by Bel Canto.

The fundamental study steps start from a careful knowledge of the correct use of the respiratory system (Diaphragmatic-Costal), understanding that the vital body of the voice is air, knowing how to breathe is knowing how to sing. 

It is fundamental to understand the balance between the work of the respiratory system and the sound in its posture, extension and expressiveness. 

Another aspect of the method is the “Play to speak”, “Play to sing”, “Play with soul”, which will help to understand both the fundamental techniques of sound and the circular relationship between the sung voice and the recited voice. In addition, the vocal registers and the mix voice will be studied. All steps involve targeted exercises.

In summary, the focal points of the various meetings will be:

  • Playing the entry piece
  • Breathing study
  • Explanation of the sound and its posture
  • Connection between respiratory technique and applied sound
  • Songs execution with applied technique


After having acquired all the applied technical knowledge with the study, the point of arrival will be having an almost instinctive impact on singing, no longer thinking about all the rules (which will now be part of the student), giving in only to the emotional impulses will happen the "miracle of binary feeling", that is, while letting go of the emotion in parallel, one controls and "pilots" what happens in a way automatic. Of course, this will be the result of a long and continuous study path, remembering that all our expressive abilities linked to the different disciplines will live in parallel with our life story, a continuous evolutionary growth.

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