"A good actor is an actor who has the grace, the talent or the preparation not to get stuck." Declan Donnellan

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Eleonora Giovanardi born in Reggio Emilia on 8 November 1982, she first obtained a scientific high school diploma from the Liceo Lazzaro Spallanzani in Milan and then a master's degree in Communication Sciences with full marks.

In 2006, immediately after graduation, she was admitted to the Paolo Grassi Drama School of Milan, where he graduated in 2008. 

Debuts at Piccolo teatro of Milan with Woman Rosita Nubile, by Lluís Pasqual and for this performance she was nominated for the 2011 Golden Grail as Best Dramatic Actress. Also in 2011, in Reggio nell'Emilia, she founded the TAP Ensemble-Teatro d'Arte Popolare company with three other actors.[1]

In the 2012 season he joined the actors of the television show of Maurizio CrozzaCrozza in Wonderland

In 2014 she is the protagonist of Status, the first Italian web series on the world of international cooperation that won her the award for best Italian actress at the Roma Web Fest in 2015 and a nomination at the San Francisco Web Fest. 

In 2016 he co-starred, alongside Checco Zalone, of the film Do I go? and Christmas in London - God save the queen with Lillo & Greg

In 2018 he appears in the video for the single by J-Ax All your mother.

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Educational Program

Educational Program

The laboratory is a real gym in which to train the muscles of the actor, with particular attention to the body, voice, presence in space, imagination, relationship with the partner and analysis of the script.
During the course the students approach the numerous tools of the art of acting, whether on stage or on set, they experiment, study them and begin to get an idea of ​​how vast the field of study of an actor is, which comes to understand the most varied disciplines, which comes to potentially embrace the whole human being.
The cycle of lessons is placed in the initial phase of the training course, an extremely delicate moment of learning, where it is necessary to broaden the horizons on this magnificent art and allow the individual student to become curious and go in directions hitherto unknown.

Stanislavskij and Ivana Chubbuck are the reference points of the course, consequently the approach is theatrical. The activities in the classroom are very practical: during the first part the focus is on the body, posture and breathing; the teacher uses the neutral mask training.
In the second part the students study their relationship with the space and with the partner. The focus is on the activation of energy impulses, through exercises on trust and on the relationship with the other.
Subsequently, the concepts of improvisation and action / reaction and analysis of the scene are introduced. This takes place in detail and in a maieutic way with the students, in order to make them independent for future analyzes.
The course is intense and practical, students are encouraged to directly experience what it means to be on stage, they are encouraged to overcome their limits and, most importantly, they are stimulated to ask themselves the right questions about the script. The approach is exquisitely theatrical, this being the training of the teacher, but it is enriched with important forays from television and cinema, so as to offer students the opportunity to compare these languages ​​and modulate the acting techniques according to the needs of the medium. .
As many instruments as possible on the various recitative methods are made available to the students, so that everyone can have the widest possible panorama and consequently deepen what seems most useful from time to time.

The goal is to indicate the path to be undertaken in a personalized way for each student and to underline the meticulous attention to be paid to the various aspects of the art of acting. For this reason, the teacher selects scenes from well-known films: thanks to the result visible on the screen, one can guess the journey to be undertaken and each student can immediately recognize the aspects in which he feels more knowledgeable and those that will require a more in-depth study.


In-depth sessions dedicated to the study and implementation of techniques, methods and exercises that require an intermediate and advanced level of preparation.

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