"An actor must learn to use emotions not as a final result, but as a tool that creates passion in overcoming the conflict within the script"

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Elisabetta Coraini, born in Milan, studied acting in Los Angeles with Ivana Chubbuck at the Roy London Acting Studio and singing, also in the USA, with Seth Riggs.

He has given birth to numerous characters for theater, television and cinema. 

A theater participates, in Los Angeles, at the Friday Night Show. In Italy she is the protagonist in "The man who couldn't die”By Dino Desiata, in“ The suspended gesture ”by Fabrizio Portalupi, in“ Mirandolina canta ”by Sauro Albisani, in“ Her women Signor Pirandello ”by Fabrizio Portalupi and in“ The witch Agnesi ”by Mauro Ginestrone. 

In television context participates in numerous fictions: protagonist, in the role of Giamburrasca's mother, in “Lessons of trouble” by Sandro De Santis for Rai Fiction; protagonist of the episode in "Flying Squad: disappeared”By Claudio Bonivento, in“ Doctor Giò ”by Filippo De Luigi and in“ A woman as a friend ”by Rossella Izzo; she plays Margherita, co-star with Michele Placido, in "Man of Respect" (directed by Damiano Damiani) and plays the parts of Saleena in Kevin Connor's "The Age of Treason" with Bryan Brown for CBS. For several years she is the protagonist in the fiction "One Hundred Showcases”On Canale 5 playing the role of Laura Bettini. 

For the movies she plays the role of an alien in the film “Creators: The Past” with Gerard Depardieu and Bruce Payne under the direction of Pierluigi Zaia. She plays the role of Anna in the emerging director Mauro Cartapani's “A_Mors”; she is co-star in Angelo Rizzo's Fairway, a long road a dream ”and protagonist in the horror-gothic costume medium-length film“ La freccia di carne ”directed by Fabrizio Portalupi; is Manuela in the live representation taken from the "Gold Chain" by Peter Russel, protagonist of the video-poem "I would uproot the whole tree" on the verses of Serena Maffia and protagonist of the video-poem "Femina Fera", on the verses of Giuseppina Amodei , directed by Fabrizio Portalupi. 

Passionate about music, sings for the Lino Patruno Jazz Band in the cd “Amapola” and in numerous live performances. In 2014 he founded the musical group of Loud Out Underground with which he performs live on a repertoire of songs by Lou Reed in a revisited key and from which a disc entitled "LOU" is made 

In 2016 he founded another musical group with the name of Elisabetta Coraini & Kumalé, with which he creates a repertoire of 80s songs in a partially reinterpreted key that will lead in 2017 to the creation of a record that takes the name of the group. 

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Educational Program

Educational Program

Elisabetta Coraini's work starts from the fact that a sensory, emotional and imagination atrophy is increasingly widespread in everyone's daily life. It is therefore essential - for those who practice acting - to regain possession of their natural dimension.

The path consists of several phases:

    The character you play comes to life through your emotions. It is therefore vital to be able to draw the emotions you need into your soul and experience
    Series of exercises to be done on a daily basis to awaken the emotional part.
    To eliminate the armor we wear every day, it is necessary to get back in touch with the world in an almost primordial way.
    - Series of daily exercises to awaken the senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.
  3.  AWAKENING THE IMAGINATION On a stage and in front of a camera an actor must be able to see what is not there and not see what is there. Furthermore, the author of a comedy, through the script or a screenplay, does not say everything an actor needs to know, not from a complete picture of the life of the characters but tells an excerpt of life. All this requires the actor to use his imagination.
  4. Series of exercises for awakening the imagination
    EXERCISES TO STRENGTHEN CONCENTRATION On stage the actors are dropped into situations where they have to perform multiple actions and must simultaneously remain focused on the emotional aspect. These exercises enable the actor to maintain concentration despite constant distractions and prepare him for a mental activity while he performs the actions.

1 - Acquire greater awareness of oneself and one's own sensoriality;
2 - Awaken the introspective aspect in association with the character.

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