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“To live often is to act. Acting (to play) is always living. "

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Ennio Coltorti he is an actor, director and voice actor.

He has won ten times (for best box office) the AGIS "Golden Ticket" award at the Taormina Arte Festival.

He oversaw the theatrical staging of three editions of the aforementioned award (“A party for the Theater” '87, '88 in Taormina and '95 in Parma).

He also won twice ('85 and '86) the “Positano” award directed by Franco Zeffirelli, three times ('85, '86 and '87) the Platea gold award; in 89 the IDI award and in '92 the Fiuggi Europa award and the Secret Rooms award; in 2005 the Persephone Prize. In 90, for the anniversary of the Foundation of the University of Bologna, he directed the show event in Piazza Maggiore with speeches by Giorgio Albertazzi, Raul Grassilli and Piera degli Esposti. He has been the Artistic Director of the Secret Rooms Theater since 1998.

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Educational Program

Educational Program

Acting technique, COM MDP acting technique, text analysis

The course explores the concept of "Acting", seen in its facets, focusing on the emotional structure, analyzing what the student / actor and the student spectator experience on the scene.

The course canonically include a first theoretical part and a second, prevalent, practical part according to a traditional and at the same time experimental and innovative method.

Theoretical section:

  • The concept of "Acting" is made as "scientific" as possible, it is codified and consequently made as "scientific" as possible.
    For each group an introduction of about two / three hours is foreseen in which the relationship between natural and universal tendencies to the activity of "pretending" are transformed into "profession".
  • We will analyze facts and events of everyday life and film productions in which the concept of "truth" is enslaved to that of "representation / evocation of truth".
  • Films and shows and emotional / situational experiences lived by the mass in relation to the concept of "memory" and "sharing" will be taken into consideration.
  • We will analyze the various material and immaterial possibilities of the human instrument at our disposal to achieve the performance required in the various specifics of the acting activity: cinema (prevalent); dubbing; radio; theater; cabaret etc:

Practice section:

1st phase: Without camera

  • Each student is invited to the platform / stage;
  • The student is stimulated to face the "excitement / discomfort" of being at the center of attention in order to transform it into "excitement / pleasure / ease" and get him used to managing his "performance anxiety";
  • The student will perform a monologue chosen by him from scenes taken from films or from theatrical literature that have provoked significant emotions in him;
  • The student-spectators who attended the performance will be invited to focus on the emotions felt during the performance and reveal them as objectively as possible;
  • The student will be asked to reveal the emotional movements and thoughts that invested him during the performance;
  • The answers will be compared;
  • The difficulties and impediments detected by the teacher during his performance will be indicated to the pupil;
  • The student will be invited to repeat the exhibition using the suggestions and advice of the teacher;
  • The positive / negative variations compared to the previous performance will be evaluated together with the student-spectators.

2nd phase: With camera

Each pupil will repeat the monologue this time recorded in the foreground;
The recorded work will be shown to the pupil himself and to the pupils-spectators commenting in detail every problem or every functional positive characteristic of the purely cinematographic interpretation requested and performed.

3rd phase: Conclusion

General considerations of the teacher

The aim of the course is to provide students with all the elements to manage "performance anxiety" in an optimal way, transforming excitement-discomfort into excitement-ease.


In-depth sessions dedicated to the study and implementation of techniques, methods and exercises that require an intermediate and advanced level of preparation.

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