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​​Fiorella Magrin, he graduated from the “Civic School of the Piccolo Teatro” having had as teachers, among others, Luca Ronconi, Mina Mezzadri, Nicoletta Ramorino, Carlo Cecchi.

For years he has been teaching reading and diction courses at acting schools.

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Study and care of diction and pronunciation: rules, accents, correction of problems related to dialects. Study of physical posture and knowledge of the basic elements to get to diaphragmatic breathing. Cleanliness and clarity of the emission.



We must not associate the "technique" with a boring and / or useless job: a course in diction can, and must, be anything but, to encourage study, but, above all, so that the various rules remain impressed and become "common talk "For those attending the course. Through exercises, word games, apparently meaningless readings (actually passages written specifically for the study of diction), newspaper articles, etc. you will practically work with words over words. To enter their wonderful world.



Those who write illegibly are taken up from an early age, unfortunately the same does not happen for those who speak in an unclear way, let's say "dirty". The word is the basis of our life, whatever work is undertaken; all the more reason, for an actor it is the indispensable tool. Learning diction does not mean distorting the artistic impulses, but building a solid base to be able to work: on a set, in the dubbing shift, on stage, you need to be masters of the technical means, that is to speak in a correct and understandable way.

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