"Effective communication is the real superpower of men"

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Francesca Capanna is a trainer, communication strategy consultant and television host.Since the early 80s she has worked in the world of cinema, television and communication, first as an editor then as a television presenter and consultant of communication strategies . Regarding the training and consultancy of communication strategies, she manages Training of Effective Communication Techniques. The specificity of her training interventions is Individual Interpersonal Communication, with particular reference to 'Public Speaking' and 'Management of Contacts with the Media' (Media Coaching) ...

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Presenting yourself on video, presenting a work project in pitch mode, speaking to an audience, are transversal skills that today are part of our cultural and professional background. But how to improve them? First of all it is necessary to acquire a greater knowledge of the complex "Communication" dimension, its dynamics and the elements that compose it, then identify one's own communication style to develop an optimization, and finally enrich one's style with effective and adequate communication behaviors.


During the meeting, each theoretical indication arises from practical applications, making use of the use of continuous video recordings of each participant, viewed in the classroom with the guidance of the teacher.

The lesson foresees the direct and active participation of the students. The focus of the method used by the teacher is NOT to deliver abstract formulas, but to make people understand what are the factors that make up effective communication and what are the elements of the individual style of each participant, so that everyone can submit to a test the optimization of their communicative behavior. .


Objectives of the course will be:

  1. Acquire the basic techniques of effective communication:
    - The focus on the interlocutor
    - Control of message transfer
    - The containment of anxiety
    - Maintain attention and arouse participation
    - Use the formal / custom double register
    - Speaking in pictures, examples
    - Storytelling
  2. Have an initial awareness of the advanced techniques of effective communication:
    - Arouse motivation and share goals
    - Identify the advantages and anticipate the interlocutor's objections
    - Obtain consent
  3. Identify effective communication behaviors related to one's style in order to direct one's communication and positively use the innovations of the world of work
  4. Identify suitable and attractive communicative behaviors in situations of high communication commitment (public speaking) (video presentations).

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