“A director doesn't need to know how to write, but if he can read, he helps” Billy Wilder

“Just directing is the easiest job in the world” Orson Wells

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Gianluca Brezza is a director and author.

He directed TV series e sitcoms for kids (Life Bites - Pills of Life e On tour su Disney Channel). He worked, first as an assistant and then as a director, in long series fiction (Live su Channel 5)...

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Educational Programs



“Preparation for the set” is an eminently practical teaching module. Working on scripts of single comic sketches with a self-contained narrative structure, the scenes to be shot later on the set are prepared.

For each module we work on three different scripts, thus having the opportunity to find for each student / a suitable part to play.

The script to be staged is analyzed, trying to understand its meaning and highlighting the role of the protagonist, the shoulder and the possible intervention of a third actor. We then work on the aims and styles of the characters involved.

In this "preparation for the set" one also experiences the typical dynamics that occur in the staging of a fiction: the fact, for example, of having to repeat the scene from different points of view, for which it is necessary to fix the movements that take place in acting; or the fact that a scene can also be completed with several pickup, that is, with resumption of the script starting from a certain point onwards, without necessarily having to recite it from the beginning. Training this, very useful on the set, where time is always precious and knowing how to keep concentration to act even in fragmented and not organic phases to the whole script is a very useful feature for the fictional actor.


The director who follows this teaching module carries out the activity of actor coaching with the students involved, aimed at staging the chosen scripts. The reading of the parts will, at the beginning, be decided at random. And only at a later time will the roles be assigned, according to the characteristics and aptitudes of the different students.

Specifically, we work on:

  • “Table” reading in which students will become familiar with the text
  • Identification of important narrative junctions and comic and dramaturgical turns of the scene
  • Discursive rendering of the script and resolution of any interpretation problems that may arise during the reading
  • Assignment of the parts trying to accommodate the inclinations and propensities of the different students.
  • Once the parts are assigned in the script, each student will work with the teacher to give his character truth, originality and a possible comic characterization.
  • The final phase of the module will be to rehearse the scenes with the actions that will take place within the single sketch and which will then be concretely reproduced on the set.


The set preparation module is preparatory (and compulsory attendance) for the final exam of the course.

At the end of these lessons the student is expected to be able to analyze and interpret the assigned scene and, above all, to be ready to face the set and the particular dynamics of time and place that distinguish it.




In a set with characteristics compatible with a real professional set, that is with all the figures normally necessary for the realization of any fiction (director, dop, sound engineer, set designer, operator, assistant director, make-up & hair, electrician, machinist, etc. etc .), the sketches that are "studied" in the preparation phase will be staged.


Students will have the opportunity to follow the director in the preparation of the scene while he tells the baptism and to the operator the actions that the actors will perform on the set: positions, movements, etc. In this phase it will also be discovered the type of shooting that the director will want to perform and consequently the technique that will be used for the shooting (camera on horse, on trolley, on dolly, possible use of the steadycam, etc.). And finally you will also discover the type of framing cuts that you will want to make for the staging of the sketch (sequence shot, tot and then pp, etc.

Afterwards, while the technicians and the dop will go to create the set, the preparation time will be used to resume the script in hand and in front of the director, the students will review all the things fixed in the preparation phase.

When the set is set up, the rehearsals will start with all the movements, actions and positions that will actually be realized. In this phase the dialogue between director, dop and operator can produce small changes as a function of a better rendering of the scene, also in relation to the set prepared and the chosen shooting technique. And the actor / actress will be an active and integral part of this process.

We proceed with a technical test with the mdp. The director will give the actors the final indications and finally the scene will be recorded.


The test on the Set is one of the final exams of the academic path. The occasion in which the skills acquired during the training period are put into practice.

The goal is to bring the experience of a real Set to life, showing the organization and the work of the troupe in detail, so that the student is aware of the activities that make up the creation of a scene.

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