By Michele

"There is no better key than the will to open a door"

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Grazia Di Michele he began his career at the Folk Studio in Rome and recorded his first album Clichè, defined as courageous and unusual by fans of the songwriting. Many other works will follow in which the singer-songwriter will continue that feminine author's discourse that still characterizes her production. He works for years in radio programs at RAI as a DJ. He participates four times in the Sanremo Festival, the first with the song Io e mio padre together with Nicolette Larson, the second with Se io fossi un uomo together with Randy Crawford bringing the same song to worldwide success ...

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Educational Program


The course allows you to develop your own artistic personality through interpretation in singing.
The voice is a tool able to convey our emotions outside with a "language" that does not need the word. If it is impossible to think of a language without a voice, it is instead possible that emotions, even the most intense, can arouse the emission of the voice. In short, the voice, with and without words, can always express our feelings. We may not know a language but a voice that sings, even in the absence of a musical background, still communicates a state of mind. Coming into deep contact with one's voice and its characteristics is a way of getting in touch with one's intimacy and increasing one's self-awareness in order to open up to others. It means discerning one's emotions in order to learn to communicate them consciously. Understanding one's uniqueness not only in the timbre but also in the story of oneself within a song.


The course is presented as a vocal workshop focused on the elements of music therapy related to the voice instrument.
During the lessons, the teacher will address the following points:

  • Study of vocal elements applied to singing
  • In-depth analysis of the lyrics of the songs to explore the resonance in everyone's life and convey it effectively in singing
  • Search for a personal style in interpretation through the study of the emotional heritage and the characteristics of one's voice
  • Listening, vision, analysis, study of the interpretation of great artists through audiovisual tools
  • Exercises with passages in which to enhance the interpretative aspect


The aim of the course will be to activate and consolidate the recognition in the voice, on an aesthetic, creative and emotional level, of the values ​​of personality and uniqueness that exist. Furthermore, through the exploration of the emotional and expressive heritage, making the student's style clear, original and effective, so that every performance, of any musical genre, can leave the mark of his personality, unique and unrepeatable.

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