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“Words are important! We might as well tell her well "

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Jenny De Cesarei was born in Milan on January 12, 1975.

In her teens she enrolled in a theater course at the Centro Teatro Attivo in Milan, where she studied for several years with Nicoletta Ramorino, Annina Pedrini, Pino Pirovano, Narcisa Bonati, Paola Galassi, Enrico Maggi.

In those years he founded, together with other young students, the theater company of the CTA "Gli Oltretutto", staging, in collaboration with the FAI: 

"Much Ado About Nothing" by W. Shakespeare, "The Trojan women" by Euripides, "The Taming of the Shrew" by W. Shakespeare, "The Lovers" by Goldoni, "La Giara and L'Imbecille" by Pirandello, "Il Ballo dei Ladri ”by Jean Anouilh.

In '96 he tries the audition for the Dubbing Course with Donatella Fanfani.

Since '97 he works as dubber at the Dubbing Studios in Milan.

Among the most popular works:

  • Voice of Trinidad Crespo, one of the most loved protagonists of the Soap Opera "A life
  • Voice protagonist of "I. Carly"and "Sam & Cat“, Very popular children's series  
  • Voice of Miranda Sings, protagonist of the series "Haters Back Off”On Netflix 
  • Heidi Klum's voice in the "Project Runway" program (eleven editions) and America's got Talent, broadcast on Sky
  • Narrator of the Audiobooks "The Scent of Lemon Leaves", "The Amazement of a Night of Light", "The Silent Lover" by Clara Sanchez

In the meantime he continued his theatrical training by attending the Kuniaki Ida International Theater School and working in the following shows:

  • 1996 "Fiori D'Acciaio" by Robert Harling (directed by N.Ramorino) at Orea Malià
  • 1998 Franco Parenti Theater “Pel di Carota” adapted and directed by Andrea Dalla Zanna
  • 1998 Franco Parenti Theater “Eugene Onegin” by Pushkin directed by F. Ambrosini
  • 1999/2000 Teatro Litta “Uffa Che Ciccia” directed by N. Johnson
  • 2001 "Strictly Confidential" by R. Di Gioia
  • 2007/2009 "Rabbit with olives" by M. Pagani at the Piccolissimo Teatro
  • 2011 Teatro Dal Verme “A New Name” by M. Pagani 
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Educational Program

Educational Program

Knowing how to speak in diction is necessary for an actor. Unfortunately, the work of studying, concentrating and memorizing the famous “rules” is demanding, sometimes boring.
To make the path more pleasant, the teacher suggests to the students some tricks to learn this new language, since it is a new language, for those with strong inflections, but also and above all for those who are convinced they "speak well", perhaps only because they do not has a strong accent.
Students are encouraged along the way to refine their ears, listen to films dubbed in Italian, go to the theater, pay attention to those who speak correctly, instinctively learn to distinguish a euphonic sound from a cacophonic one.

The course includes 2 meetings lasting 4 hours.
During the first lesson, most of the diction rules are listed and explained, making notes and giving the students a book to study independently at home.
The rules, so that they are not sterile and ends in themselves, must be contextualized in the interpreted reading, so that they are alive and remain in mind. To this end, poems, stories and theatrical dialogues are read in the classroom.
During the second lesson, students are given a verification test to test the level of study and learning of the subject.
Finally, any doubts are reviewed and theatrical and cinematographic texts recited together, chosen from time to time on the basis of the group and its general level.
During the second year we face a general review of the rules, with further verification tests and exercises in interpreted reading at a higher level.

The aim of the course is:

  • Provide students with all the tools to speak BÈNE
  • Acquire the main diction rules and contextualize them

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