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Lisa Mazzotti born in Rome in 1968, she is an Italian voice actress and director of dubbing.

Graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the State University of Milan, she attended the Professional Institute for Cinema in Milan and a Mime Course with Mark Parisien.

He carries out the dubbing activity in various fields, from cinema to TV series, from miniseries to cartoons. In the latter sector, some of her works are Mrs. Perchè in Ghostbusters, Mrs. Priselius in Pippi Longstocking, Susanita in Mafalda, Nina in Sailor Moon, Nemes in The Knights of the Zodiac, Milly in Captain Harlock, Phanthom in Transformers.

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Educational Program

Educational Program

The itinerary retraces the stages of the history of twentieth century cinema, focusing on key actors and directors of the time.

The course will retrace the most important phases of the history of twentieth century cinema:

  • Birth of Cinema (Cinematografo, Panorama, Cyclorama)
  • Silent Cinema (Kolossal, German Expressionism, Italian and international Divism)
  • Sound Cinema (from the late twenties to forties)
  • The Sixties and Post-Neorealism
  • La Nouvelle Vague
  • The Seventies (denunciation cinema, Italian comedy)

Provide a basic knowledge of the history of twentieth century cinema, focusing on the most important directors and actors of the last century.

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