"The actor creates through a tireless curiosity towards the human being".

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Martha Gervasutti born in Milan in 1979, she graduated in directing and screenwriting at the Luchino Visconti Civic School of Cinema. 

His begins career as a director in 2002 he made the short film “Cose perdute” appreciated in numerous international festivals. She then realizes, as director and screenwriter "Fiore d'Antartide", a short film considered to be of national cultural interest and her first feature film "Nuvole Bassi d'Agosto", also considered to be of national cultural interest.

Parallel to his film career he works for national television broadcasters, such as Rai, MTV e TeleLombardy

In 2006 he decided to move to Roma undertaking a career as assistant director for several films on the independent circuit, working with directors Renato Giordano, Victor Rambaldi and Stefano Calvagna.

In 2009 he decides to land also in the casting sector and with Simona Tartaglia he founded the S & MCasting company. Together they create fictional castings such as: "Terra Ribelle", "The Restorer", "Where do you find someone like me?", Collaborating with the directors Cinzia TH Torrini, George Capitani, Salvatore basile.

In 2012 she decides to resume her career as a director, shooting the short film "La Voce del Passato" which takes her to the international market of Cannes and his second feature film “Per Gioco o per Caso”.

In 2013 she collaborated with the production company Futura fashion tv as director and author of the magazines "Mode e Modi" and "Mode e modi Food", for La7. Since then, the careers as director and casting director have developed in parallel, working with national and international production companies and continuing to produce products for the audiovisual sector. 

From 2014 to 2019 he produces, writes and directs numerous short films awarded in Italy and abroad: "Like God commands"," Skeletons in the closet "," Sunday lunch "and takes care of the casting of TV series such as"Undercover 2","May God help us 4","Master of none"," Roman wedding "," Like when it rains outside ".

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Educational Program

Educational Program

The educational program is divided into two lessons of 4 hours each: selftape 1 and selftape 2.

Selftapes have now become an evaluation tool by casting directors and each actor, in the selection phase, must be familiar with shooting the requested material himself.

The topics of the lessons are:

  • Who is the Casting Director and who he works for
  • How many and what types of selftapes can be requested
  • How to choose a scene from a movie / TV series and create a valid selftape to present to Agents and Casting Directors
  • The presentation selftape
  • The selftape of interpretation
  • The car direction
  • Listening and direction of your shoulder


In both lessons the participants use their mobile phones to shoot the video presentation (in the first lesson) and a dialogue taken from a film / TV series (in the second lesson).

The first lesson is preparatory to the second.

Through the directions of the teacher, the putting into practice of the concepts and the interpretation of the scenes (two-way dialogues), the participants are evaluated and corrected, giving personal feedback on each performance.

At the end of the two lessons, the participants are able to independently create a Selftape, consisting of all the elements evaluated by the sector experts.






In-depth sessions dedicated to the study and implementation of techniques, methods and exercises that require an intermediate and advanced level of preparation.

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