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Michela Uberti since 2019 alternates the activity of dubbing teacher with that of Dubbing director for the companies Iyuno, and Multimedia of Rome.

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Educational Programme



The course deals primarily with the practice of dubbing, specifically the following topics:

  • Fundamental concepts of Diction
  • Logical and interpreted reading
  • Dubbing practice at the lectern: use of the voice applied to the reading of the script in correspondence with the relevant video
  • In-depth analysis of professional figures and the 2008 Dubbing CCNL


A third of the lessons are dedicated to the study of documentaries and reality shows in voice over and sync-like depending on the different needs required by the television channels. 

Two thirds of the lessons instead focus on the interpretation of the most important TV series (e.g. Money Heist, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Lost and others) or extracts from cinematographic films (different depending on the composition of the participants) .



During the teacher's module, priority is given to the practical application of dubbing at the lectern with an approach to reading the script. Furthermore, particular importance is dedicated to viewing the video and the union of the two realities: use of the voice applied to the reading of the script in correspondence with the relevant video.

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