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Monica Angeli è singer, singing teacher, artistic vocologist.

He has had the opportunity to perform and make himself known throughout Italy and abroad, he has collaborated with many prestigious names, such as Paul Young, Fabrizio Bosso, Franco Caliphan, Tony Renis. 

He shared the stage with the great Paolo Villaggio for the last four years, treading the stages of the most important Italian theaters ...

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Educational Program




During the course the four areas of teaching of the modern singer:

Technical Skill, to explore every corner of vocality without damaging oneself, without homologating and for a voice that lasts over time:

  • Notions of physiology and anatomy of the vocal organ. The voice between Apollonian and Dionysian, a string and wind instrument
  • Relaxation - Warm-up - Vocal Stretching
  • Inter Technical Methodology: multiple tools for a single goal
  • Practical workshop with the students  


Artistry, to choose the right colors to show your individuality and make your story become everyone's story:

  • Relationship between technique and interpretation
  • The Here and Now of Interpretation
  • Differences between musical language and interpretation
  • Practical workshop with the students 


La Magic of Performance, to be at ease on the stage, to understand its value, to manage its difficulties:

  • Emotions and their importance
  • Listening, monitors, microphone, how to interface with the sound engineer
  • Communication with the public and the magic of the stage
  • Practical workshop with the students


From Art to Profession, to know the main professional figures that the artist will meet on his path and their roles: producer, agent, manager, agency, record company.



The singing teacher is a craftsman who gives shape to an already existing subject; it is a mirror that shows the student who he is and what he can become. 

In the lessons the most relevant teaching methodologies will be compared in an inter-methodological approach so that the singer has a complete and diversified panorama. 

Inter-methodology allows you to work on the voice with multiple approaches and to find the one most suited to the student's learning.

Lectures will be held - both online and face-to-face - with the support of videos and slides.

For each topic there will be a practical work laboratory together with the students.




The purpose of the course is to train the singer at 360 degrees, analyzing and deepening the points indicated below:

  • Playing the entry piece
  • From vocal technique to the stage
  • From the discovery of one's talents to the record company
  • From training to profession

Everything will be treated in full awareness of the uniqueness of each voice, each story and each artist.

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