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Nicoletta Negri he directed all the most important Italian actors and beyond; protagonists of cinema, television and theater of the last thirty years.

He takes care of the dubbing of Italian productions, has worked and works with important directors, from Marco Bellocchio a Massimo Troisi, his assistant in the film “I thought it was love but it was a gig” and in “Il Postino”.

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It focuses on training artists skilled in giving voice to their emotions, able to understand, recognize and manage the artistic passion that led them to follow this path. Find out how dubbing can reveal all the secrets of a character or actor who has spoken in another language. Learn all the strategies that will serve to achieve their success, becoming able to interpret important protagonists of cinema and television.



That of my experience, after thirty years of working with the most important Italian directors and actors. Study of the language of the cinematographic image and study of the language of a face, of what it expresses in words and even beyond words. The study of silences, of breaths, of everything that can bring to light, the soul and the deepest feelings of an actor and a character.



Making our students able to manage their artistic skills, in the fascinating challenge between art and technique (IL SINC), their voice in front of a microphone, addressing it as their fundamental means of communication. Provide them with the tools to present themselves to an audition without suffering the psychological pressure, because with their professional preparation they will be able to withstand the tests they will have to face.

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