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Nino Formicola was born in Milan on 12-6-1953. After finishing high school he enrolled in Medicine, but his passion for theater and especially for the comic field soon pushed him in another direction. He prepares his first courses with a group of friends cabaret shows, but everything changes when one evening he meets Andrea, who will be his partner for almost forty years ...

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Educational Program


The didactic module revolves around thecraftsmanship of the actor, that is, that set of skills, experiences and tricks of the trade, which are the foundations on which to build a career as a brilliant actor or as a comedian. Being on stage is not easy and above all it is never the same. Every occasion and every place has its own history. But first of all it is experience that makes the difference and that is what the teacher will try to convey after a life in contact with the world of entertainment, in front and behind the scenes.


Starting from a theoretical approach necessary to understand the basic concepts, depending on the topic dealt with, exercises, simulations and discussions will be carried out between the teacher and the students.

In detail, the topics covered during the course are:

  • Brilliant actor or comedian
  • The theatrical times
  • The originality
  • The security
  • Limitation
  • Vulgarity
  • Political satire
  • Costume satire
  • The dialects
  • Musica
  • Double meanings
  • Jokes
  • Politically correct
  • Feminine comedy (differences, the soloist, working in a group, vulgarity seen by women, choice of topics, make-up, mask, clothing)
  • Improvisation (the culture, the repertoire, the rescue net, understanding the audience, the rescue net, the fake improvisation)
  • Comic writing (writing a monologue, writing a joke, writing for a group, the shoulder, the closures)
  • Tools of the trade (printing, use of the image, agents, compromises, use of the media, using TV and not being used)
  • The different stages (the theater, the squares, the conventions, the TV, the radio, the lights, the sound system, the non-paying public, differences)



Through the explanation of the behind the scenes actor, the purpose of the course will be to convey experiences and tricks of the trade, in order to develop the skills that are the basis on which to build a career as a brilliant actor or comedian. 

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