"If you make music to satisfy the needs of the market, you will find yourself in a cage, but if you make music to satisfy the needs of the soul, you will learn to fly"

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Pierdavide Carone, born in 1988, comes to the fore by ranking third in the ninth edition of Amici where he wins the critics' prize.

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Educational Programs


Il educational program will address the approach to the complex art of songwriting author, initially through the exploration of the historical authors of the Italian songwriting song to understand the method and historical-geographical context, later through the stimulation of the students to writing, in order to determine through both a theoretical and practical path how to write a song copyright. 


The course is presented as an approach to writing an author's song, during the lessons, the teacher will address the following points: 

  • Brief history and development of the Italian songwriter 
  • Writing methods of the greatest interpreters of the Italian songwriting 
  • Application of the basic principles to write an author's song 


Understanding the methodology of approach to writing an author's song in the form and content and development of the writing potential of an author's song.

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