“The most beautiful music is in the breaks. I am not silence, but I breathe.

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Pierluigi Germini was born in Rome in 1953. From the early 60's love and passion for music immediately outlined his professional career. Strong was the interest in the progressive movement which in those years saw the light and which allowed him to perform as drummer of some of the most important groups in the capital.

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Educational Program



The following points will be dealt with during the training course:

  • Definition of the role of the music promoter
  • Brief notes on the history of discography 
  • Evolution of the role of the record promoter, from music labels to self producing
  • Description of the phases and times of realization of a musical project 
  • Identification of professionals who work in the media and in places that host musical events 
  • Analysis of strategies to make the choice of communication channels and environments in order to have a more effective media exposure 
  • Evaluation of the objectives achieved in the implementation of the project, in the short and long term
  • Acquisition of the regulations governing the relationship between the artist and the record label (editorial quotas, royalties and SIAE quotas)

During the lectures, the topics under study will be addressed, using audiovisual and repertoire material for a comparative analysis of musical genres. The teacher will be ready to accept the students' requests and satisfy them by making available their professional experience.

  • Acquisition of technical knowledge and development of organizational skills for the realization of a musical project
  • Development of the awareness of a clear professional ethics, beyond the human relationships that inevitably arise between the artist and his own record promoter

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