"You have to go out of yourself to get into character"

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Peter Ubaldi, born in Milan in 1955, he is an Italian voice actor, TV presenter and singer.

He began his career first in amateur theater and then as a professional at the Pavia Stable, Franco Parenti Theater, Trieste Stable (Shakespeare, Cechov, Bernard Shane, Feydeau, German Cabaret etc.).

Active above all in the field of dubbing, among his works we mention:

  • Cartoons (Kiss me Licia, David gnome, Sailor Moon, Count Duckula, Doraemon, Pokemon, Spongebob)
  • Soap opera, telenovelas, reality (Top Gear, At the table with Guy)
  • Film cinema (the whole saga of the Pirates of the Caribbean as Captain Barbossa, Finding Nemo)
  • Television broadcasts (Four by Ciao Ciao and Uan by Bim Bum Bam as second voice)
  • Commercials (Kellogs, Friskies Danone, Ferrero)
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Educational Program

Educational Program

The course will illustrate the main skills necessary to carry out the processing of an audiovisual product in dubbing. In addition, some concepts relating to acting and diction will be taken up in a part of the training.

The course, with a highly practical approach, will have the following contents:

  • Brief review of the main concepts relating to diction and acting
  • Working on an audiovisual product in dubbing
  • Teaching the approach to recording in the theater (viewing method, script analysis, acting rehearsals)
  • Teaching of synchronous acting techniques
  • Actual synchronous acting tests (documentaries, cartoons, fiction, video games)

In all lessons there is the presence of a sound technician and audio / video material that cannot be disseminated or provided to third parties.

  • Acquisition of the necessary skills for the processing of an audiovisual product in dubbing;
  • Acquisition of in-room recording techniques;
  • Acquisition of synchronous acting techniques;
  • Ability to understand the character;
  • Manage the voice (characterization of the voice);
  • Knowing how to listen.

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