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“Aim for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will end up among the stars. "(Les Brown)

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Sara De Santis has been performing for more than fifteen years in Italian theaters with stable companies in classical and contemporary repertoires. She studied in New York at the Susan Batson Studio; she graduated from the Mejerchol'd Theater Biomechanics Center in Perugia, directed by maestro Gennadi Bogdanov; she specialized by studying various acting methods (Strasberg, Meisner, Grotowski, Commedia dell'Arte) with national and international trainers such as Eugenio Barba.

He learned communication techniques, public speaking and emotional rebalancing. He took care of the direction of theatrical performances and was the author of monologues. She started singing at the age of six and for more than ten years she has been a permanent member of the vocal group Quarta Dimensione with whom she has recorded two discs and a song for Pooh.

È dubbing dialogue adapter of movies, TV series and cartoons. In 2019 he received the nomination for the Voices in the Shadow Award for the adaptation of the film Noi, by Jordan Peele. In television starred in several episodes of In your place (Rai 2). In the 90s she hosted local radio and TV programs. He usually lends his voice in reading for literary reviews and book presentations, including La ferocia, by Nicola Lagioia, with which the author won the Strega Prize. He worked for theAdnkronos Salute news agency. She wrote for the online newspaper Secular Chronicles

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Educational Program

Educational Program

The vocal technique (or diction) course is used to improve the use of the voice in all respects. Through a technical but also varied and fun method, you will get to know the rules of diction and correct pronunciation, diaphragmatic breathing, the use of resonance boxes and timbre, the mechanics of articulation, the management of postural blocks and emotions that limit vocal expressiveness.

Various techniques will be used, such as the principles of singing setting, some exercises of the Linklater technique, various acting methods, relaxation techniques and mindfulness. In a group and individually, the student will do listening exercises, muscle relaxation, breathing, articulation and therefore correction of diction and pronunciation defects. At the center of this method is the single person, with his goals and limits to overcome. The group will act as a spur and example to improve.

The purpose of this course is to bring the student to be aware of his own vocal instrument, to know the basic rules of diction, correct pronunciation and breathing.

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