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Stephen Dragon for fifteen years he has been working as professional actor in numerous theatrical productions throughout Italy.

It defines itself as a Healthy Bearer of Stories and the stories have been her traveling companions in almost twenty years of career; he recites them, reads them, writes them, studies them and helps others to tell them.

As a theater actor he has staged many shows, readings and performances throughout Italy with particular attention to the great classics and to the scenic contamination between the arts.

Among the latest productions “Hope. Dialogues on hope between music and poetry "within the Como City of Music Festival 2020.

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Educational Program

Educational Program

The proposed path includes several phases that aim at acquiring a greater awareness of oneself and of acting techniques.
Thanks to theatrical propaedeutics, a connection is created with one's emotional sphere by coming into contact with one's personal memories. These memories will then be used to give strength and truthfulness to the emotions and intentions of the character to be interpreted. With this method, a very solid emotional bridge is created between person and character. The material that emerged in the preparation and study phase is directly used on stage or on the set.

  • “Oscar-winning” presentation: imagine receiving the Academy Award for Best Actor or Best Actress and introduce yourself to the class and to the teacher by telling all the experiences that led to this result;
  • Difference between Showing and Feeling: a series of theatrical exercises to refine emotional awareness, get in touch with one's memories using them for character creation (Stanislavski's revival technique);
  • Reading and analysis of the script. Assignment of characters, creation of work and study pairs;
  • Analysis of the weaknesses and strengths of each student;
  • Listening to feedback from the working group;
  • Direction indications and adaptation to changes and improvisations
  • (Preparation for the set);
  • Assessment;
  • The conflict: a series of theatrical exercises to sharpen awareness of the conflict;
  • Improvisation scenes on conflict and maintaining the point of concentration.
  1. Learn the difference between showing and feeling, between falsehood and fiction;
  2. Always keep in mind the main objective of any actor's work: credibility;
  3. Gain greater awareness of one's emotional world and get in touch with deep memories;
  4. Knowing how to draw on the actor's experiential baggage to provide depth to the character;
  5. Ability to analyze the script;
  6. The 3 Ps: Professionalism, Precision, Passion.


In-depth sessions dedicated to the study and implementation of techniques, methods and exercises that require an intermediate and advanced level of preparation.

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