Listening is everything. It's where to learn everything. I don't feel I exist until I'm with someone. (Meryl Streep)

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Valentina Material, after an acting training at the Aia Taumastica Theater Company (with Massimiliano Cividati, Giulio Baraldi, Alessandro Genovesi, Federica Bognetti), in 2002 he graduated in Directing at the Civic School of Cinema, Television and New Media in Milan (current School of Cinema Luchino Visconti) .

Since 2003 he works as Cast Director in Cinema, Advertising and Television.

For the Cinema he has signed the Casting of films such as, Onde by Francesco Fei, Mar Nero by Federico Bondi (Ilaria Occhini best actress at 61 Festival Locarno), Poetry that you look at me and My tomorrow by Marina.Spada, One day you have to go by Giorgio Rights (Sundance Film Festival 2013), Only for the weekend by Director Kobayaski, Bread from the sky by Giovanni Bedeschi, Almost perfect parents by Laura Chiossone.

In 2019 he collaborated in the Casting of the new film by Gianni Amelio, Hammamet and signed the Casting of Lessons of love first work by Chiara Campara (Progetto Biennale College 2019).

For TV he signed the Casting of the last season of Cafe room (RAI 2), Untraditional (season 2) by Fabio Volo (Discovery Channel), Like when it's raining outside with Virginia Raffaele (Canale Nove).

Since 2003 he collaborates with the main houses of advertising production in Milan and for international campaigns (Dove, Lufthansa, Burger King, Peugeot, Herbalife).

From 2009 it is Casting teacher at the Luchino Visconti School of Cinema (Milan Foundation) Production Course and since 2015 Casting teacher at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Milan.

From 2013 to 2018 he held the film acting workshop "The actors from theater to cinema", at the Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan in co-teaching with Karina Arutyunyan. 

He currently collaborates with several acting schools in Milan, always focusing on acting for the camera and preparing for the audition. 

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Educational Program

Educational Program

Introductory lesson to get to know the topic and the teacher, starting from what will turn out to be the information in the class's possession.

The purely theoretical lesson will introduce the topic and the teacher, starting from what will turn out to be the information in the class's possession and finally to pull the strings of the discourse and leave the students a series of practical indications useful for their entry into the world of work: artistic material to send, how to introduce yourself, research and relationship with an agency, search for auditions, first work experiences, etc.

Aspects that will be dealt with in the classroom:

  • Vision of the short film Emilie Muller
  • Exercise of the bag to replicate the work with objects that act as a stimulus for the actor's emotional work
  • Exercise of questions
  • Work on the text: the right questions to ask
  • Work on the stage: from improvisation to the scene adhering to the text. I work on being true
  • observation of the work and considerations

Material used: texts for film samples (scenes from Silvio Soldini's film).

The main objective is to provide essential information in view of entering the world of work as aware as possible. Furthermore, it is interesting that the students have a vision of the possible methods of approach to acting, so that they choose the one that best suits them and are also ready to respond to the needs posed by the various directors / casting directors with whom they will be confronted.

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