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Vincent Incentius è cant-author, writer, director, collaborates with the greatest Italian artists. After graduating from Dams, he began his career as an author. His songs were sung by Renato Zero, Laura Pausini, Lucio Dalla, Antonello Venditti, Sergio Endrigo, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Michele Zarrillo, Franco Califano, Ornella Vanoni, Patty Pravo, Albano, Tosca, De Sica, Mijares, Amanda Miguel, Ana Gabriel and many others.

He boasts special author collaborations with Armando trovajoli and with  Papa Francesco, (for the piece "La Madre", sung by Mijares).

As a singer-songwriter he published the albums CREDO, produced by Renato Zero and EGO, also published in Spanish.

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Educational Program



Writing songs is one of the most immediate, effective and original forms of communication. Writing is the transmission of our feelings, our passport to reach people's hearts. But to be "someone musically" it is essential to cultivate one's difference and originality, putting oneself on the line.

The attention will be focused on creativity and communication; bringing the listener into his own world, soliciting his emotional universe and creating affectivity and empathy is a path that passes through the knowledge of ourselves, the study of compositional models suggested by the history of the song, and the refinement of tactics and strategies of musical writing in continuous transformation.


The lessons will unfold through a parallel path of extremely dynamic technique and emotionality, of continuous and virtuous interaction between class and teacher, which will allow each student to absorb knowledge but at the same time to draw out from himself elements and values ​​of his identity. and his artistic conscience. The lesson that comes to us from styles and repertoires that have built our musical conscience will be addressed and at the same time the new frontiers of music will be analyzed through the deepening of the codes of rap and musicals.

Field tests, with individual and collective writing experiments, will be central.

It will be important to address not only the world of words, but also those of melody and rhythm, essential allies of the literary text.

In addition to this trip, the lecturer will provide lecture notes and audiovisual contributions on an ongoing basis.

The highlights of the trip will be:

  • Text or music first? inspiration, method and field choices
  • Textual melody and melodic word: the fusion of codes and their technical and emotional coexistence from opera to rap
  • Rhythm as heart and engine; the inner time; write starting from a loop
  • Techniques, strategies and compositional models: analysis of styles and repertoires; field tests.
  • The lesson of the great songwriters: the word at the center
  • The challenges of contemporaneity: rap and new languages; practical analysis and tests; reactivity and improvisation
  • Singing as a rewrite: writing thinking about the singer
  • Interpretive models from tenco to ebbasta sphere
  • The musical: the forces at play from conception to staging

Mastering compositional models and strategies, moving from brainstorming to more rigorous writing, together with a greater knowledge of oneself, of one's own experience and of one's horizons, will lead to defining one's own writing identity and to being authors with a defined conscience and personality.

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