Opportunities for the students of Accademia Artisti Music: registrations are open for the 18th edition of the Bianca D'Aponte prize: all the information

Tonight and Saturday, in Madrid and Logroño, the Bianca D'Aponte Prize will take place, an Italian competition reserved for songwriters, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid. For the 17th edition, the appointment is tonight, but in the meantime, registrations are open for the next edition, the 18th, of the contest for songwriters. All our female singer-songwriters of Accademia Artisti Music, if interested, will be able to participate in the next edition of the Bianca D'Aponte award.

The competition notice for the 18th edition of the Bianca D'Aponte award it is available, together with the registration form, on the website www.premiobiancadaponte.it . Participation is as always free, while the deadline for registration is April 30, 2022. The finalists of the Prize will be selected by a prestigious Guarantee Committee, made up of important singers, authors, industry professionals and music journalists. The winner of the absolute prize will be awarded a scholarship of € 1.000, a scholarship of € 800 for the “Fausto Mesolella” Critics' Prize. The jury's awards will also go to the best interpretation, the best text and the best music. There are also various other prizes awarded by individual members of the jury or by bodies and associations close to d'Aponte. The finals of the next edition of the award Bianca D'Aponte are scheduled at the Cimarosa theater in Aversa on 28 and 29 October 2022.

The appointment tonight instead, in the Spanish capital, is scheduled at 20 pm in the splendid Salòn de Actos of the Italian Cultural Institute. The evening is presented to the Spanish public by the Cultural Institute directed by Marialuisa Pappalardo as part of the “On stage at the palace” review. Admission is free with reservation and the event will also be streamed on the Institute's YouTube and Facebook channels. For more information visit the website www.iicmadrid.esteri.it

The Prize annually hosts a very popular singer-songwriter who takes on the role of godmother. Up to now, the following have taken place: Arisa, Rachele Bastreghi (Baustelle), Rossana Casale, Chiara Civello, Ginevra di Marco, Cristina Donà, Irene Grandi, Elena Ledda, Petra Magoni, Andrea Mirò, Simona Molinari, Nada, Mariella Nava, Brunella Selo, Tosca, Paola Turci, Fausta Vetere. In addition to them, many were the prestigious guests of the exhibition, names such as Mannarino, Diodato, Peppino di Capri, Enzo Avitabile, Avion Travel, Musica nude, Giovanni Truppi, Fausto Cigliano, Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio, Enzo Gragnaniello, Tricarico, Mauro Giovanardi, Raiz, Mario Venuti, Bungaro.

For more information: 336 694666 - 335 5383937; [email protected] - [email protected] - www.premiobiancadaponte.it.